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It looks like Quentin is going to do it again for Black People! He successfully managed to break records with “Django Unchained” and now he’s prepared to do another period movie. No, it won’t be a reminder of how heroic the slave-era Uncle Toms really were. And, no, it won’t be about how good chitterlings were for the body. AND NO, I promise it will not be about how the plantation owners were secretly jealous of their prized commodity. This movie is supposedly going to be a Black sequel to  Inglourious Basterds.

Apparently, Tarantino has found a way to connect the two movies in a historical context, per The Root. The plot – which has not come to life yet – will be another revenge plot. WWII pilots that go HAM on their White superior officers. This movie would allegedly be called “Killer Crow.” of the loose trilogy. “My original idea…

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