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Welp! It looks like Chief Keef’s 15 minutes may be winding down! According to a recent interview with 50 Cent, he revealed that the young buck (no pun intended) would possibly get dropped because of low sales. Chief sold like 50k his first week, which is well…weak. Anyway, 50 talked to HipHopMorning and he dropped some dimes. Remember when Keef skipped the video shoot with 50 Cent?

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The brass at Interscope didn’t like that, says 50 Cent in the interview. And, he also revealed the real reason Keef’s tour was deaded. It wasn’t what I thought when I rumored that it was due to legal matters. I’m still not positive there isn’t something to the probation violation though. We’ll see.

So, the latest rumor is that they are going to drop Keef. Personally, I cannot see them…

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