Final and Disturbing Report from the Keegan Funeral Committee in Stockholm: Part 1

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Now that the late Keegan Kagwe is effectively resting in peace, the Keegan Funeral Committee would like to release this final Report to the public. The Report is long and has to be released in two parts. The mandate of the Committee was three-fold namely: to raise enough money for Keegan’s body to be transported to Kenya; to raise money for tickets of Keegan’s two daughters to enable them travel to Kenya to attend their father’s funeral and to raise money for a ticket for Keegan’s mother to travel to Kenya to bury her dear son. Following the burial of Keegan in Kenya on January 3rd 2014, the Keegan Committee can report that it duly fulfilled its mandate.

Consequently, the Committee would like to thanks all Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers who contributed generously at the Keegan harambee to enable the Committee fulfil its mandate. The Committee would like to…

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