Tiny Addresses Rumors About Her Marriage And T.I.’s Alleged Love Child

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T.I. & Tiny May Face A Year For Drug Possession (thumbnail)

As we previously reported, rapper T.I. and his lady love Tiny had a tiff on the night of the Grammy?s that seemed to be blown out of proportion by the internets. This public disagreement sparked rumors for days.

But our brilliant sister site Hello Beautiful got the opportunity to speak with Tiny regarding her marriage to rapper T.I. and about the status of their relationship today. They also asked about the rumors that there is a baby out here in these Hip Hop streets that is looking to call T.I. daddy. They pretty much covered all the bases! Check out what Tiny had to say to Hello Beautiful below!

HelloBeautiful: What are your thoughts on your relationship with T.I. in the news right now?

Tiny: With any relationship, you argue, you fight, you go through things. So, that’s pretty much what it was. We were into…

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