VIDEO: “King Los talks about Diddy” on YouTube

A decade after King
Los refused to appear on Diddy’s
2002 Making The Band he signed
with Bad Boy Records and yesterday
(March 19th) announced his release
from the label. In his exclusive
interview with AllHipHop, Los speaks
on Diddy’s critical nature, respect
from his peers and Kendrick Lamar’s
praise of his “Control” freestyle.
Los held a private listening session
at the newly renovated Quad Studios
for his upcoming mixtpae, Zero
Gravity II . At the event, Los spoke on
his former boss’ critical ways:
Puff kind of had an affect on the
way I make music, because he
is very critical and it made me
just want to step my game up.
It’s not the easy to play a
record for him and he be, like,
thoroughly impressed. It’s a
gamble any time you play a
record for him you might be
totally in love with the record
and he be like [blank stare].
A few weeks after Kendrick Lamar’s
“Control” verse set the rap world on
battle mode in August of last year, he
stated that King Los had the best
“Control” freestyle. Los, who has a
new song on his mixtape which
creatively flips why his peers do not
collaborate with him as much, spoke
on how impressed he was with
Kendrick for his honesty:
I thought that was dope, in an
era where people don’t really
give props and don’t really
acknowledge their peers, don’t
give the necessary accolades to
the right people, I thought that
was dope.
King Los’ Zero Gravity II will be
available on March 24th.
Check out the snippet of King Los’
interview with AllHipHop:


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