NEW Reggae VIDEO “Destra feat. Peetah Morgan – Real Love – J-Vibe Productions – March 2014” on YouTube

Soca Queen Destra and Reggae
Regent Peetah Morgan of Morgan
Heritage , both vocal titans, clash in
the epic ballad “Real Love” produced
by internationally acclaimed producer
J-Vibe , released March 10th .
“I want people to know that
timeless music is still being
made… Reggae music is not
dead, it is the heartbeat of the
says Grammy nominated producer
Jason Farmer.
The track and its production speaks
to the power of love and reggae music
and its capacity to bridge gaps, as it
conquers time and space to unite the
two supreme vocalists Peetah
Morgan and Destra . The track aptly
titled “Real Love” is set to be
released March 10th on iTunes and
YouTube under J-Vibe Productions
LLC label.
“The idea came to mind after
producing a few songs for
Morgan Heritage’s latest
album and then meeting Destra
at a studio while working in
Trinidad. After experiencing the
power first hand I came back
home and started listening to
some tracks I had and this one
came up. Immediately I called
Destra and Peetah and asked if
they would like to do a duet.
The rest is history.”
says Multi-platinum composer J-
vibe .
He described the track as “very
intentional” , as he reflected on the
events leading up to the production.
“Real Love” , which was written by
both Destra and Peetah, was
surprisingly not recorded in the same
“Peetah wrote his part and
Destra wrote hers. He was on
the road promoting Morgan
Heritage’s new album ‘Here
come the Kings’ and she came
to my studio and recorded her
part right before Miami carnival
last year.”
J-Vibe remarked on the process.
Even Peetah Morgan , prolific singer/
songwriter, who admits to being a
“HUGE Destra fan” , is cognizant of the
I Dare You singer’s full singing
“When hearing the music for the
first time my thoughts was,
finally I get to hear Destra SING
like I know she can”
says Peetah .
Destra is exploring her range in a
masterful way alongside an equally
masterful duet partner Peetah
Morgan and an equally timeless
musical production by musical
mastermind J-Vibe. With such an
organic and timeless mix of musical
ingredients the listener can expect
nothing but a superb sonic
experience, a classic for the ages.
Soothing Reggae sounds carried by
regal voices on the subject matter of
love and relationships that according
to Peetah “…never ends” , timeless
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Morgan – Real Love” FROM: iTUNES


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