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T.I. was a hustler
before he was a rapper and the
business acumen seems to permeate
every aspect of his music endeavors.
While appearing on Hot 97 Morning
Show , T.I. spoke on the meaning
behind his new album Paperwork ‘s
title, how Beyonce and his release
will be similar but VERY different and
his movie plans for the album.
T.I. says his “most creative and
conceptual album” was his 2008
album Paper Trail. Instead of making
Paper Trail 2 , T.I. decided to draw
inspiration from the concept of Paper
Trail, but a different variation of it, for
Paperwork, you know, that’s
official. If you got paperwork on
something then it’s official.
Also, if someone has paperwork
on you, it can be some trouble.
So it’s official. It’s trouble. It’s
authentic. Sounds like me. The
music supports this theory very
T.I. tells the Hot 97 crew that he
recorded 250 records for the record
and that Pharrell will be producing
the bulk of the new album. After
narrowing down a 20 song tracklist
for the album, T.I. explains his
ingenious method to provide visuals
for the album, revealing the
storytelling focus of his new album:
Of those 20 [songs on the
album], I want to take six
records at the top, six records
in the middle, six records at the
end, with two records as
intermissions to the three. And I
would like to shoot a movie
that consists of three short
stories, and the three short
stories will connect these six
According to T.I., Pharrell suggested
that instead of selling Paperwork as
one album, to break it up into three
EP’s for the three short stories. He
plans on releasing the album as a
complete package similar to
Beyonce’s rollout of Beyonce,
however T.I. believes his way of
releasing will be more financially
beneficial for him than Beyonce’s
Beyonce rollout was for her and her
Where I see she and I differ is
she went and shot individual
video one by one by one. That
must’ve drove the cost through
the roof. Me, myself personally
I’m doing three short stories.
I’m not doing 18 videos, I’m
doing three short stories. So the
same way we would shoot an
episode of House of Lies. We
would take five days. This short
story shall be complete. Five
days, this short story shall be
complete. See that will bring
my cost down, which will raise
my profit margin.
Check out the full interview which
also features Iggy Azalea below:
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