AUTHOR Whoever mislead the public will go to jail three years

ag                                                                                                                                                        PARLIAMENT:      have sent greetings to the press and to the media to adopt a Bill of Statistics of the Year 2013, which among other things you want to author who made mistakes in reporting statistics jailed three years or a fine of Sh 10 million.
The bill has passed when, on March 31, this year the government is expected to submit a bill to the Access to Information Act of the Year 2015 and the Freedom of the Media of the Year 2015, all the emergency certificate.      Already news partners have shapinga submitted the bills for emergency certificate saying they want brought to know what is in it.
The original manuscript of the data was presented at the 17th meeting held in November last year, after lawmakers oppose provisions vinavyobana journalists, government iliutoa parliament for information that is going to fix it.
Yesterday Parliament lilivyokaa committee to approve the bill, Ubungo MP John Mnyika, questioned on that section gives severe punishment by the Government say imekifanyia adjustment.
However, the MP said no kilichofanyiwa correction and punishment continues to be severe. And Special Seats MP, Ester Bulaya (CCM), questioned how can the government should immunity for government servant who gave incorrect information, but ikaacha set by the author who received incorrect information to the officer of the Government and reported them.
Responding to that, the Attorney General, George Saju, said “going to court or police expression”.
Before the removal of parliament in November last year, the bill, among other things, was suggested Sh 10 million fine or penalty of not less than one year imprisonment in jail or both for media give false statistical information containing false or fabrication