watch at this manny pacquiao buildings(PICTURES) which cost USD mil. 12.5

colorful-lights-brighten-the-pool-area-at-night                       Ie from the day that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have put their signatures that are willing to May 2 2015 meeting at the bank, waoneshane umwamba then at the end everyone will have to answer who cum true that among them are from everyday story about them.
Mayweather is if he has a very mainstream media, has many mishemishe Headlines .. today zinazomuweka on this nakusogezea from Pac him.
Beverly Hills is a place that many US Mastaa live .. Tushasikia to see the buildings of Justin Bieber, Jay Z and Beyonce, Kanye West and Kim .. It is time to see the new liner boxer Manny Pacquiao                .Pac IPac IIcolorful-lights-brighten-the-pool-area-at-nightthe-patio-area-directly-outside-of-the-kitchenthe-pool-is-extravagant-with-another-lounge-areaPac IIIPac IVPAC VIPac VIIanother-guestroom                Very close to home for Pac. This is a guest room charm     Pac IX                 Kitchen and here it is important to my man.   Pac V                      Living room dining there.       the-basement-has-an-in-home-theater-with-surround-sound                         Movies partner .. this is the place.                   the-house-also-has-an-elevated-patio-with-gorgeous-views-of-the-city                        If you did your conversation here, you will see the city for quite beautifully.                                  the-master-bathroom-has-a-spa-style-bathtub-and-a-double-headed-shower                            His Signed bank, gave the mil dollars. 12.5 This liner has had purchased him … He added with another thank you to the families who sold it, gives to four ticket prizes his battle with Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd is like this .. Those fanfare answered  cars, mansion, his plane .. Pac him is better yet.                                  SOURCE:;MILLARDAYO.COM            #TZA