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The Citizen newspaper yesterday, Monday, July 27, 2015, on page 26 has published its story headlined the news, “presidents  five leading characters in salaries in Africa are these here”.

In the information which the newspaper claims its source is “analysis of the network of African Review” is alleged to be President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, is absolute monarch fifth place among the leading 38 countries in Africa earners paying more.
The newspaper claims that the president earns US $ 192,000 a year, including the payment of US $ 16,000 per month.

This information is not true. It lies and deceit. It just lies and fabrications of risk.

Salary of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania for a month or a year is not accessible and even do not quite approach the level mentioned by Mwananchi  newspaper
Since Independence, in 1961, President of Tanganyika and then since 1964 the President of the United Republic of Tanzania has been among the leaders on the pay of the lowest in the world.

President of Tanzania salary per month is the minimum amount that far outweigh his salary, and by far, and salaries paid to some of the chief executives of some public institutions in the country.

Moreover, it is surprising that the Citizen newspaper, published in this country, can get paid to lie in Tanzanian President networks out instead of asking official and given correct answers.

To delve into the phenomenon of overturning this amount, the Citizen newspaper does not have any other intention except the intention of inciting citizens to build their rage against their government and their Great Leader.
It is our hope, that the Citizen newspaper will make a deliberate effort, as the profession of journalism envisaged, finding accuracy of this matter and tell Tanzanians reality.

Issued by:

Directorate of Communication of the President,

White House – Dar es Salaam.

July 27, 2015