The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Purported J. Cole And Kendrick Lamar ‘Reminiscing’ Album Cover


In 2013, Jermaine told MTV the joint project was on its way and that they had already recorded “too many songs” and had “sh*t holding in the stash.” Then came rumors the album was complete and called Out The Sky, but that turned out to be bullsh*t as Kendrick revealed earlier this year during a To Pimp A Butterfly promo run. “Yeah, definitely. I still would love to do it,” he said when asked about doing a joint album with Cole. “I talked to the bro, about a little bit over a month and he’s on the tour rocking. So we’re gonna try and make something happen. They want that.”

And now we’re here.


Almost a week after Drake and Future got in the studio for six days and came back out withWATTBA comes Reminiscing and its alleged album cover. Is it real? Hell if I know, but neither camps have come forward to confirm, but, if you prefer glass half full news, they also haven’t denied it either. Either way, Reminiscing has fans jumping for joy since BBQ season is officially over and #StayWoke season is here.
The whole nation was in an uproar over Future and drake’s joint project “What a Time to Be Alive”. Well, it looks like they have a challenge on their hands. The long rumored and awaited joint project from J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar finally has cover art. Although details of this merger project haven’t been released as of yet, we can all agree to be willing to wait for greatness.