“Will šenitochechini exactly how this historic place?


 This historic place in the 13th century and made NewKidsInTown called George. Bebeleše down, North Documentation is available in the church. According to preliminary Cloud b is clicked, this is the story of the historical churches of Lalibela Rock-place archaic or before the churches.
 Ethiopia is a
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Ethiopia Africa’s top investment destination for Turkey: official

(ADDIS ABABA) –The Turkish ambassador to
Ethiopia had disclosed that Ethiopia remains the biggest
recipient of Turkish direct investment in Africa.


The newly-appointed Turkish envoy, Fatih Ulusoy, said
the horn of Africa’s nation had so far attracted $2.5
billon of the total $6 billon Turkish direct foreign
investments in Africa.
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Turkey: official”

Entry Gaulle generation Gaul upset


Best of the Queen`s
. Seven goals and seven frustration! This will all be sick imigerimewi bišich’itich’itemi 2.5 million people in Amhara yešitigebeleti Triple yemerifēwini the fall of the vote dubbed ጏጏጏጏ fall of Nazi Tigre, even if we spent time been frustrated While the

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