Meles Zenawi yetigirēwi legend of King Dejazmach (Satenaw)


Yetigirēwi “myth” of the king Dejazmach Meles Zenawi Asres kebetechewi kezēnewi, late keshumibeshi Asres, tried to be born in the small village of Adwa province thing.
Even close relatives were childhood neighbors, the son of an ugly talk about the latest šeyek’ifwachewi intertwined. Dejazmach back to the age of

puberty malicious arrived and began work as an obstacle to his village from a band to play soccer and football field. Occasionally visible tissue pigeons out of a stone, leading to the gulf cattle, cactus and āgemochini destroyed, children in conflict with their plan ādeberuti. ሗle on the high school track when General Wingate, guile and national coward clearance form that began with a national k’umerechewini age. Following in the footsteps of yeshumibeshi ye’āyetechewini Asres, rose clenched teeth in Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Allies to destroy the country, they fled to Brussels. During the battle in the mountains of Tigray years, Tigray geberēni deception went into the desert to get made, most of the Derg city āshenifolechewi himself babies on their Allies in the struggle. They play a significant role in the secession of Eritrea, thought up, to wireless and Ethiopia, many thousands (perhaps millions) of indigenous ethnic Oromo OLF arrested, killed, destroyed by the pen, and now millions of indigenous āšerumi Amhara nation, gedelumi. Sudan, Ethiopia’s Gondar province and part of the available land map would cut rigid, people are unable to live together in national politics t’enešušu. Any kind of Tigray to ensure the rule of oppressed and cunning, to reform its genocide and ethnic cleansing. This injustice and brutality of God’s infinite ābešebešelini blood cancer, then gedeleleni. We hope that we can find peace, He appeared as a vision of the tomb. On the first day he died in the middle of the crowd rose to conquer death. But he did not go on the side of their father kezēnewi Asres Christ. Instead, several thousand hectares of land in Oromia bought “My Foundation” Spirit of the Dead, saying, ordering, and began ruling. After Christ died wonders come back to earth before Christ, man! This speed Oromia and anger rose up against the inhabitants of the area, “bemešeriwi Messiah”, as Christ called ETV ass prophet died in the flames of these people as they rode a donkey in the city ” could not find a time aboard! Instead, the people “leave this visionary
 He began to say on my shoulders. ”

Heroic buried the funeral of Meles Zenawi Asres, he began to punish the death of four-year-liquid photo streets. In the future the empty box kek’eberubeti Trinity Church / Church, however, the true angle of Tigray out āšikirēnechewi be punished? Who knows, the secret of time and energy on the court āyidoli!

Generation to the next, leaving the decision to the truth that he knew he had done to prompt descent? Despite the devastation and bodies active generation, armed like a soldier seen!

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