What’s happening in Mr and Miss DSJ 2016?


stirred in a concert of students of college of journalism Dar es Salaam (DSJ) fail to fulfill their commitments in the process of organizing and scheduling the concert was under the supervision of the student government (DASJOSO)
Speaking to The last dream in the grounds of the Jangwani Sea Breeze  Moses Joshua has said that the
entire layout of the festival did not follow procedures and plans were set for ourselves since everything was different to how they .
“The order was not good and we parts are not easily accessible by public transportation (Daladala) conditions that make the participants and guests to use expensive in the important things in the whole activity of the festival and the duration of the tournament placed at night” he said.
And Hamisa Juma said he did not have a full schedule for each time he was told that the concert will start at five times six hours until it reaches the area was already too late for college students had left.
And the minister of sport and recreation of DSJ Michael Charles said that the entire arrangement is to go straight for the goal of urging students ever scene is to make the environment they enjoy and learn more.
“We wanted people that preceded them earlier so they can learn different things and a good night is due to the layout of night attire for competition participants Mr and Miss DSJ 2016 in order to be free more space” he says
Also added to say that the first winner of the Mr and Miss DSJ was given a gift of 50,000 shillings and handed the title to be an ambassador of college DSJ in all aspects of social and collaboration with the college administration.


Speaking to The dream DSJ 2015 Mr Raymond Charles said he wished all of Mr kher new and pleaded to be more creative in its activities and Miss DSJ 2015 Aliya Mohamed has congratulated winners and has begged Miss adding more efforts and cooperation.
Referring to the winner of the Mr and Miss DSJ Chief Justice and Heritage Africa 2015/2016 Miss Diana Kami named participant no 2 who is Frola Nikodems level 8 certificate and no participant who is Gerald Godbles and level certificate.
The concert was of 44 since the start of the College of the press exists Ilala Sharifu shamba and attended by various people as head of the Royal College John Kidasi, Fadhil Makenjula ordinator Choice fm Antonio Nugaz..

Top three of Mister DSJ
Miss DSJ 2016 participants who entered the top five of the first right hand he called Linda francismshindi next second he called Frola Nikodems first winner of three called Ruquiaya Ahmed won three of the four is called Grace Noel and Veronika Kalista Godfrey