Korea and USA in conference about nuclear


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North Korea has been a chat during the world conference on nuclear security held in Washngton.

After meeting President Xi Jinping of China, President Barack Obama has said all obliged to make the area of ​​the Korean peninsula into a zone free non-nuclear and put more sanctions against Pyongyang.

tension mounting on the quiz of north Korea to continue nuclear weapons and tested its missile technology.

Earlier President Obama met with the leaders of Japan and south Korea set a common position on the issue of security in the peninsula of Korea.

Although the country’s second nuclear world Russia is ijahudhuria conference, President Obama held talks with President Xi Jinping of China where he said he and President’s XI had agreed to remove the nuclei in the area of ​​the Korean peninsula and to enforce sanctions authorized by the new Union for the purpose of giving the nation to new pressure North Korea.

for his part President Xi said

China wants to increase communication and coordination that where both countries have agreed to meet annually to discuss security issues nuclear.

they said they will also work together to prevent the raw material to make nuclear and coordinate efforts to prevent these materials fall into the hands of terrorists.

However, one shortcoming is the absence in the conference President Vladimir Putin. Russia and the United States hold almost 90 percent of the nuclear weapons it Mosco refusal to attend the meeting can make concessions yatakayofikia isiyatekeleze.

Source : BBC