Harriet Tubman Ousts Andrew Jackson in Change for a $20


Portrait of a slave who cut the chain and then
helping hundreds of others to escape slavery now
utilized in the new $ 20 notes in
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Andrew Jackson in Change
for a $20”

Tana in Amhara and drink (Satenaw)

“Bird herons āyidelehu
Labi CBE greedy
Kebehāru by the physician
I have a side of me e ‘

Why stands to whom poetry and inideteget’emechi know, go to Europe through Libya hole in the side of the boat lemit’ebik’utini anonymous parties, but it is not likely yešeti by the fuel.

Let’s talk today about
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The Amhara (Satenaw)am


Amare order, some excited, some angry I am. Amare saying, Oh tried to leave, they are back in Ethiopia I am. National is your eye as you think it is, there are yemiyemiribihi Ethiopia, gezetu āšigezetu. I heard their plan, could not speak. Singing in this country (Wedding Brocario) or tent breaking the fuel type, a collection of poetry drought tegebizhē me to my
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