Harriet Tubman Ousts Andrew Jackson in Change for a $20


Portrait of a slave who cut the chain and then
helping hundreds of others to escape slavery now
utilized in the new $ 20 notes in
Mrs. Harriet Tubman African American would be
The first featured on US currency.
It also is the first woman in period
a century in the history of American Pop yakwe
placed on the dollar.
That image will be replaced by the former president
Seven American Andrew Jackson who was
He owned slaves in those days.
Now the image of Andrew Jackson will be back of the banknote
Noti that will take effect in 2020 but the department
money in the United States has said it is the beginning of
remember and honor those who fought for the rights of
Mrs. Tubman was born into slavery 1800s province
Maryland. He died March 10, 1913 as area
Auburn, the state of New York.