Tana in Amhara and drink (Satenaw)

“Bird herons āyidelehu
Labi CBE greedy
Kebehāru by the physician
I have a side of me e ‘

Why stands to whom poetry and inideteget’emechi know, go to Europe through Libya hole in the side of the boat lemit’ebik’utini anonymous parties, but it is not likely yešeti by the fuel.

Let’s talk today about

Tana. I mean

Lake Tana, Tana, the source
Yeyihuni location hint
Prefabricated mouth, oral camp
Creation pleased, Water Gate
Paradise gate, Adam village.

Let’s talk a little bit about what we experienced. Tana Our Country, Our Lake, Our village is the beauty of the bank, it is spring water, flow is a mystery, which is inside. Tana is like a song, originally destined to a life in the water. Monastery calmly flowing source of melody, melody beyerēdewi sweet water, milk, water Tana a fine up! Our Tana!

Latin setter, Agaw, who becomes engrossed in the fragrance, frankincense k’warifini from priestly equal to differ from the water, Tana!

In 1770, James Bruce šikotishewiwi “arthropod found in the mouth” as before, let us know that our ancestors knew conservation center, where math Agreement Tana, Tana how much, would ke’āt’inyiwochi hoped the Tana projects based on the information we introduce homeowners.

Lake Tana is the chamber. Tana inky water on Earth 15054 km2 (twice the size of Australia, or ejaculation may be four times the size of India), or about the width of the skin yeret’ibeli (yerešerišeli or plow). Tana Nile is the main active (āt’ech’i). Melchizedek is available on the geographical location Tana 10.95 ° N to 12.78 ° N latitude and from 36.89 ° E to 38.25 ° E longitude. Lake Tana, the rainy season (June, July and August) grows to a height of 1280 mm water. In the 773 mm and 392 mm hoped would be lost through evaporation of water service can be used. (Material and would have to reduce Renaissance dams studied how water vapor Tana choose bet’et’elini!)

Tana is now the country’s largest body of water, the lake is a special place in the rare creatures yetekebebemi only in Ethiopia.
If new information that came out around Lake Tana, but ill the past fifteen years, from showing signs of contamination in fish and other water creatures that live in the lake, ruining say that this pollution. Lake Tana is exactly piety and knowledge-based research service pessimistic, without any problem, fix the water problem shows that 90 million people who work in this zuruye study.

We began to think about geberēni GOJJAM has experienced since amen bottle of water, fervently As a result of this racist system operations and hatred. That’s why we preach, we need to organize.