Kenyan banks lead mortgage lending in Tanzania

East African Community states face the paradox of low uptake of mortgages despite housing shortage — with developers blaming it on the high cost of land, building materials and mortgages. TEA Graphic

The five banks, which also include Commercial Bank of Africa, NIC Bank Tanzania, KCB Tanzania and I&M Bank, had total outstanding loans amounting to $75 million (Tsh164 billion)by June 2016, according to a Bank of Tanzania (BoT) report issued on Thursday.

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Eye contact is good for you. But can you put your phone down for long enough?

There are surprising benefits to locking gazes with another person, but it’s easy to forget that in the age of scrolls and swipes extreme close up of brown eyes. ‘ Eye contact can be painful for some of us because it makes us profoundly vulnerable.’ Photograph: caia image / Alamy/Alamy Save for later Everyone from early mesmerists to contemporary self-help gurus have understood the power … Continue reading Eye contact is good for you. But can you put your phone down for long enough?


Rastafari United Front in East Africa is grateful to all the brothers who participated in the General Assembly to achieve the RUF started on 9/09/2016 to 9/11/2016, not an easy thing thank individually but these thanks should go to the police force headquarters to give us favor and protection to accomplish Conference Leadership Kinondoni municipality, the local government of Kilimani Leadership CCM ward Manzese, the … Continue reading ​CONFERENCE OF RUF 2015-2016: