Rastafari United Front in East Africa is grateful to all the brothers who participated in the General Assembly to achieve the RUF started on 9/09/2016 to 9/11/2016, not an easy thing thank individually but these thanks should go to the police force headquarters to give us favor and protection to accomplish Conference Leadership Kinondoni municipality, the local government of Kilimani Leadership CCM ward Manzese, the leaders of the RUF from the hinterland who managed to get to those who failed to arrive due to the challenges of the economy, but the fate of all the meeting was successfully carried out.

We successfully received reports from headquarters and the regions and we hope to bring it to you early next week to implement immediately after the summary.

Brief entire report focused on the development strategy for the period of one year and five years, especially in the areas of education and economy.

In addition we have also focused on consolidation of leadership at the National, Regional and District.

On the agricultural region of Morogoro is the Republic of suggestions for food production in the initial stage, these suggestions are based and have an area of ​​ten acres owned by RUF, it will reduce the cost of hiring mashamba.NA Health is an area lililogusiwa least shows prey Challenges mild though in our society Rastafari everyone has its own way of doing the treatment are some use traditional remedies and other remedies foreign but the fate of all such treatment is traditional we fanikishaje get to the clinic by our experts and such treatment is foreign let through RUF VICOBA GROUP offers the NHIF health insurance to make sure everyone will be sure to treatment.

Report RUF more focused fight our enemies heads who are ignorance, disease and poverty.

In the United Rastafari Before we deliver.