Korea and USA in conference about nuclear


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North Korea has been a chat during the world conference on nuclear security held in Washngton.

After meeting President Xi Jinping of China, President Barack Obama has said all obliged to make the area of ​​the Korean peninsula into a zone free non-nuclear and put more sanctions against Pyongyang.

tension mounting on the quiz of north Korea to continue nuclear weapons and tested its missile technology.
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New system to slash cargo clearance time at Mombasa port, other points

A section of the Berth 20, that is under construction at the Port of Mombasa. Kenya’s ultimate aim is to secure a geostrategic position as the key access to the Indian Ocean to serve the economic zone straddling the Nile Basin countries.

A section of the Berth 20, that is under construction at the Port of Mombasa. Kenya’s ultimate aim is to secure a geostrategic position as the key access to the Indian Ocean to serve the economic zone straddling the Nile Basin countries.   

Nine government agencies involved in cargo clearance at theKenyan port of Mombasa have until December 31 to migrate to the Single Electronic Window System before its full rollout.

Starting January 1, all trade transactions involving the agencies — including applications for permits, as well as payment and collection of taxes, fees, duties and levies needed in cross-border transactions — will henceforth be made through the new system.

According to Alex Kabuga, the chief executive officer of the Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) — a state corporation set up to implement, operationalise and manage the National Electronic Single Window System — so far, 15 agencies are on board and are using the system but nine others are yet to join.

“The target is to have all the 24 government agencies involved in cargo clearance at the port and border posts integrated with the single window by December 2014, which is in line with the Port Charter,” said Mr Kabuga.

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“The target is to have the configuration and training for these agencies completed in time for it to go live by January 2015 alongside all other government agencies.”

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority; Kenya Maritime Authority; Postal Corporation of Kenya; Anti-Counterfeit Agency; Kenya Police Service; Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry; and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Authority are yet to migrate to the electronic system.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau of Standards, Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Port Health and the Horticultural Crops Development Authority are already integrated in the system.

Launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on May 2, the Single Electronic Window System is expected to facilitate international and domestic trade at the port. It has been touted as the solution to the persistent delays at the major gateway to the region.

The system will allow parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardised information and documents at a single entry point. That is expected to reduce the time it takes to process goods through Customs at the port by half — from seven days to three.

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Clearance time to fall

At the country’s airports, cargo clearance time will fall to just one day from five while at border posts it will take an hour instead of two days, sponsors of the $18 million project said.

According to Mr Kabuga, since its launch, there has been a 40 per cent increase in trader and company compliance levels and this is expected to go up to 80 per cent by June next year.

Mr Kabuga said efforts spearheaded by the East African Community Secretariat are under way to have a regional electronic single window system that will be integrated into the EAC Single Customs Territory (SCT). A technical working group has been formed to work on the concept, he said.

Is the mobile number portability idea dead on arrival? Experts differ

“Multi-Siming” — a phenomenon where a subscriber owns a Sim card from every network — makes MNP an idea dead on arrival, says an industry expert

“Multi-Siming” — a phenomenon where a subscriber owns a Sim card from every network — makes MNP an idea dead on arrival, says an industry expert     

Mobile number portability (MNP) was once supposed to be the next best thing to happen to mobile telephony in East Africa.

Launched in Kenya in April 2011, amid talk that the service heralded a new dawn, regulators and small or new operators alike would find out soon enough that they took too optimistic a view of the purported benefits of MNP.

Number portability, a service that allows telephone users to change their network without changing their number, was readily embraced by operators eager to chip at the market share of Safaricom, the market leader, and doggedly pursued by a regulator hyping the service as a means to foster greater competition.

Three years later, the regulator, Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), and Safaricom’s rivals have only met with disappointment.

Just months after the introduction of the service, one of its supposed prime beneficiaries, then Orange Telkom Kenya chief executive Mickael Ghossein, said he thought the process had failed and needed to be relaunched.

But Kenya’s failure will not stop the rest of East Africa pressing on in pursuit of MNP. Under the umbrella East African Communications Organisation, telecommunications regulators in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have agreed that number portability is the way to go.

Although Tanzania was expected to follow Kenya in December 2011, the failure to meet “some requirements,” according to the country’s regulator, forced a deferral of the launch.

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Meanwhile, Uganda and Rwanda have embarked on processes to establish the viability of number portability.

Uganda has began consultations with operators, and the Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (Rura) has commissioned a study. In theory, number portability should promote competition and spur innovation in the market, with the consumer ending up as the winner.

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According to iConectiv’s Harald Hauser, number portability potentially makes it easier for newer entrants to gain market share, enhancing competition among operators and creating downward pressure on prices. It should also allow consumers to make better choices while minimising the costs associated with changing a service provider or changing a phone number.

The idea of changing providers without suffering the cost of a lost identity is something iConectiv, an Ericsson-owned MNP solutions provider that has worked with the Uganda Communications Commission, advocated as a consumer right at a recent engagement that brought together the Ugandan regulator and the country’s telecom operators to discuss number portability. It is an idea that finds favour with James Wire Lunghabo, an ICT consumer rights advocate.

“It will help consumers vote with their wallets and ensure providers respond positively,” he said.

Fostering competition is one of the most popular justifications for taking the MNP route.


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