Uber has officially launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

Uber has officially launched its services in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This is the 9th African country and 475th city on Uber’s global network. As usual, users in Dar es Salaam will enjoy six free rides for three days. The code is “MoveTanzania”. Uber has been spreading across Africa this year so far. They launched…

Do Spider Robots Dream of 3D Printing?

In the classic children’s book “Charlotte’s Web,” humans are amazed by a talented spider that can weave words into her web. Spider-inspired robots could also someday amaze humans by behaving as mobile 3D printers that squirt liquid plastic instead of spinning silk. The


Regardless of what Babylon want to confuse by dividing I n I through nationalisation imposed during slavery and colonisation, the truth will still remain, that Descendants of Afrika are Africans, no matter Babylon nationality, as long as they are Afrikans, they are

Magufuli suspends Tanzania telecoms chief over revenue loss

Tanzanian President John Magufuli suspended the head of the telecoms regulator on Tuesday, saying the watchdog failed to monitor the industry, resulting in the loss of potential tax revenues of TSh400 billion ($182.15 million) a year since

About: Mr Blue stolen song and Sugu, this fact is

Mr Blue complains that Sand had looted his song ‘Freedom’ which he had shared with his verse and act to provide video came from yesterday. But in each complaint, it is advisable to listen to all parties involved in the matter in order to obtain the truth. MJ Records were prepared in the same song…